3 Simple Steps |How to Care for your new BJJ GI | BJJ GI Care Guide

A lot of people ask "How often do you wash your Gi" and "How should I care for my BJJ GI"

BJJ GI Care Guide

You've just bought your new BJJ GI from Combatsportsgear.co.uk and you're hoping it lasts! 

Below are a few steps to ensure you get the most out of your BJJ Gi.

ALWAYS wash your BJJ GI after every training session!

No matter if you had a light flow roll with your training partner and you didn't sweat much it's always best practice to go home and wash your GI! This will help eliminate the spread of bacteria and if you've been doing BJJ long enough; you know that ring worm, impetigo and staph are all a very real concern in the BJJ community.


Washing the GI on a cold setting or 30 degrees will ensure there is little to no shrinkage.

Turn your GI inside out; this prolongs the life of the patches and helps the BJJ GIs colour from fading.

Using an organic non bio detergent also helps


No matter what you hear, you should NEVER put your GI in the tumble dryer! I know you might be desperate for your BJJ GI to dry so you can train again later in the week but it can severely shrink, cause stress on the joints and stitching and warp the shape of the GI and melt patches.

The best practice is to always hang dry your BJJ GI. Drying it naturally will allow it to keep it's shape and size.

If you are worried about not being able to train as much due to your hanging wet GI - the jump over to our BJJ section and grab one of the cheaper GIs as a secondary BJJ Gi to alternate between during drying time!

Check out the BJJ Section Here 


Although most BJJ GIs come preshrunk; most of our experience is that they all still shrink, and some more so than others. If you want your GI to remain as close to the size as you bought it then wash on a cold/30 degree wash then hang dry it.

This will result in the smallest amount of shrinkage for your new BJJ GI.

However if you would like to shrink your GI because it's slightly too large then washing it 2-3 times on a 40 degree wash will shrink it down a bit more than normal.

DO NOT wash on a hot wash or tumble dry as this will either warp the GI or Lapel (or Both), and potentially melt the patches.


If you have any more queries about washing or caring for your GI don't hesitate to contact us via email sales@combatsportsgear.co.uk or use our contact us form here

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