Atama BJJ Gi, Rashguard and Belt Care Guide

Here is how to take good care of your Atama product, read carefully this instructions:


1. Wash in cold water. Line/hang dry, this will maximize the life of your kimono and minimize shrinkage. In case you need to use the dryer, use no heat or the lowest heat setting. The dryer will reduce the longevity of your kimono by weakening the fibers and collar.

IMPORTANT - You can destroy/melt the collar by washing in hot water and drying on the hottest heat setting. NEVER wash or dry the BJJ kimonos above 40º.

2. DO NOT USE BLEACH. EVER. Bleach will ruin your BJJ kimono. If you get blood or a stain of some sorts immediately run under cold water and scrub the effected area. The sooner you wash it the better. You can use fabric softner in moderate doses. Any soft will do as long as it doesn't have bleach in it.

3. DO NOT DRY YOUR GI UNDER THE SUN. It will dry out the fibers and reduce the durability of the BJJ gi. Hanging dry under the sun without washing it's 10x worse, you can say goodbye to the BJJ gi, the formula (sweat + sun) will terminate the fabric. 

4. Coloured products (Blue and Black)

      a. Before the first wash; Fill you washer with cold water, as it is filling up add 2-3 cups of white vinegar. Once it is done filling up submerge the kimono in the water. Let the kimono sit for 20-30 minutes in the water/vinegar mix. Once the 20-30 minutes are up you can start the washing cycle. Add soap if you like. The vinegar process will help to set the color and reduce fading. Be aware that over time coloured BJJ kimonos will fade, that is just what happens, its natural and shows that you've been training hard. 

      b. Second/ future washes; Wash in cold water and use color safe detergent. The dryer will significantly increase fading. Follow care instructions above. 



1. Wash in cold water.

2. Turn the products inside out when you wash to protect and silk screened logos or designs.

3. Do not use the dryer. The dryer will ruin these products. Hang dry all shorts/ rash guards.



1. You do not have to wash your BJJ kimono belt very often but if you decide to please follow the same instructions you would for the kimonos.


Important Considerations

- Hang dry your jiu jitsu gi after every use.

- NEVER leave a wet/sweaty BJJ kimono balled up in your gi bag.

- Turn the gi inside out during wash.

- NEVER use bleach or detergent with bleach.

- NEVER wash in hot water and dry on the hottest heat setting.

- ALWAYS wash your jiu jitsu gi BEFORE it starts to smell.

Remember, a clean gi shows respect for your master, your friends and yourself! Ossss

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