Chaos and Order Brand Brazilian Jiujitsu Gis are now Available at

We've recently formed a partnership with Chaos and Order Brand Jiujitsu.

Chaos and Order Brand are an up and coming Jiujitsu brand in the USA and have created beautiful Jiujitsu Gis with high quality material and simple yet captivating designs.

The most popular of their Jiujitsu Gis is the Aquanaut and the Astronaut Jiujitsu Gi which feature a graphic of an explorer.

Hence the title for this range of Jiujitsu GIs; Explorer Series.

The sense of wonderment and something different from the traditional Jiujitsu Gis on offer in the United Kingdom and Europe is why Combat Sports Gear formed this relationship with the US company!

We hope the British and European public like these Jiujitsu Gis as much as we do!

The Aquanaut Jiujitsu Gi is shown below; to see their full range click here

Chaos and Order Jiujitsu Gi Chaos and Order Jiujitsu GiChaos and Order Jiujitsu Gi Chaos and Order Jiujitsu Gi UK Chaos and Order Aquanaut Jiujitsu Gi

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