How to take care of your Combat Sports Gear; Muay Thai Boxing Gloves and Boxing Gloves


This question is perhaps something that is overlooked by many people. Often we buy our new apparel and equipment and don't really know how to take care of it. If you follow this advice your apparel and equipment will last you a lot longer.

How do I take care of my boxing gloves?

If your boxing gloves are made from semi-leather the acid contained in your perspiration will not damage it. This is not the case when taking care of genuine leather products.

If the product is genuine leather the acid will break down the leather, because the leather is a natural material that degrades when exposed to an acidic substance (such as your perspiration).

Regardless of which type of glove you have, you should always wipe the gloves free of any perspiration after each session. Preferrably with a hypoallergenic baby wipe. After you have done this you should then air the gloves out. If you can dry them out in the fresh air it is better, if you put them next to a heater they will sometimes develop glove smell. You can also use deodoriser sprays or deodoriser bags if the gloves do start to smell, but try to get ones that will not just mask the smell.

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