Valor Bravura Blue BJJ GI
Valor Bravura Blue BJJ GI
Valor Bravura Blue BJJ GI
Valor Bravura Blue BJJ GI
Valor Bravura Blue BJJ GI

Valor Bravura Blue BJJ GI

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Valor Bravura Blue BJJ GI 

The Valor Bravura Black BJJ GI is made from a high quality lightweight material which is not only comfortable but extremely durable.

When wearing this jacket you’ll find comfort knowing it’s made from high quality pearl weave cotton with reinforce stitching on all stress points.

The Valor Patches are placed in accordance with IBJJF regulations and found along both shoulders and the sides of the gi pants / trousers.

The Gi pants are made from 10oz canvas cotton and reinforced from the shin down to the ankle, 4 belt loops and a drawstring made of rope which make them easier to secure and the pants are super comfortable to train in.

The Valor Bravura Gi is the best of both value and quality and also comes with a Valors well known Elite white belt!

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Technical Specs

  • High quality construction
  • Rubberised collar to prevent sweat and bacteria absorption
  • Double reinforced knee padding on the gi pants and triple stitched on stress points
  • Drawstring made from rope opposed to traditional twill which allows for tighter fastening of trousers
  • FREE Elite White belt



      Height Weight Size
      5ft 4-5ft 7 60-65 Kg A0

      5ft 7-5ft 9

      65-72 Kg


      5ft 11-6ft

      65-72 Kg


      5ft 8-6ft

      72-82 Kg


      5ft11-6ft 72-82 kg A2L

      6ft 1- 6ft 3

      82-95 Kg


      6'2-6'3 95-120 Kg


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